Tree/Landscape Rental

The following rental equipment will help with all of your landscaping and tree care needs.

A lawn aerator is a tool used to aerate the soil in your lawn in order to reduce soil compaction and promote root growth for healthier grass. Aerators have spikes connected to a wheel or drum that when pushed will create holes in the soil to allow nutrients and water to reach grass roots.

– Billygoat Push Aerator

– Bluebird Push Aerator

– Pull Aerator

A leaf blower, commonly known as a blower, is a gardening tool that propels air out of a nozzle to move debris such as leaves and grass cuttings. Leaf blowers are powered by electric or gasoline motors.



Bale Choppers multiply your productivity and profits by doubling straw coverage in a fraction of the time it takes to apply by hand. There’s no more efficient way to ensure soil moisture retention and protect against erosion damage to freshly seeded areas. This equipment requires a trailer or pickup truck.

– TurfMaker Bale Blower/Chopper (TGMI)

The ball cart vertical design allows you to easily lift and move circular and heavy items. Examples of what a ball cart can carry include large rocks, trees, large plant pots, and more.


A brush mower appears to be a more beefed-up version of a lawn mower. It is typically used to cut tall grass (grass taller than 6” – 8”), weeds, brush, shrubs and woody material such as stalks and saplings.



– Billygoat Brush Mower

A compost spreader which is also know as a top dresser, is used to spread a thin layer of organic material on top of our lawn or field to amend your soil.


Model #:  ECO150

A dethatcher uses metal blades or tines to comb across the grass and pull thatch up to the surface of the lawn. After the thatch is pulled to the surface, it can be bagged up or turned into compost. Be your own lawn care expert when you learn to dethatch your lawn correctly.


Edgers for the garden and sidewalk are designed to make neat, tidy edges around plant beds or between the lawn and a driveway, walkway, patio, or street. An edger has a blade that cuts a small gap between grass and the area you are trying to neatly separate from the turf.

– Bed Edger (F-991H)

– Sidewalk Edger

Landscape rakes are generally used to level ground, spread out ground coverings, and improve the overall quality of large areas of ground. The best ones are strong enough to be used for a wide range of tasks and ground coverings.

Lawn rollers are cylindrical “mini steam rollers” with added weight (usually water or sand) that help flatten the ground. This one is used to be pushed.

– 24″ Push Lawn Roller

– 48″ Pull Lawn Roller

Spreader may refer to: Broadcast spreader, an agricultural machinery or lawn care tool designed to spread seed, fertilizer, lime, sand, ice melt, etc.


A log splitter is a piece of machinery or equipment used for splitting firewood from softwood or hardwood logs that have been pre-cut into sections, usually by chainsaw or on a saw bench.


 Man/Boom lifts are aerial lifts that are designed to access elevated areas




Overseeding is the planting of grass seed directly into existing turf, without tearing up the turf, or the soil. It’s an easy way to fill in bare spots, improve the density of turf, establish improved grass varieties and enhance your lawn’s color. This equipment requires a trailer or pickup truck.

-Overseeder (050901SPH)

A sod cutter is a machine that is designed to remove strips of grass from a lawn with the roots and most of the soil attached. It is typically used to quickly clear grass or weeds from an area of landscape or to create strips of sod to transplant in new areas where the roots will re-establish.


A staple setter is an equipment piece used to reduce bending down and securing erosion control blankets, landscape fabrics, and geotextile fabrics.


This versatile landscaping system includes a powerful STIHL kombi and a complete line of STIHL Kombi attachments. Together, they give landscaping professionals the ability to tackle a tremendous range of outdoor tasks without loading the truck with a pile of power tools. Think of this as a multi-use tool.


A stump grinder chews away at the stump wood that’s left after a tree has been cut down. The blade’s teeth cut the stump wood into small pieces. The operator guides the blade over the entire stump as the blade reduces the wood to chips, and takes the stump down to well below ground level.


A garden tiller is designed to break up hard, compact soil into loose, broken-up dirt that can then be used for planting. Two different types of garden tillers are available: front-tine, or rear-tine.


A trencher is a piece of construction equipment used to dig trenches, especially for laying pipes or electrical cables, for installing drainage, or in preparation for trench warfare. Trenchers may range in size from walk-behind models, to attachments for a skid loader or tractor, to very heavy tracked heavy equipment.


A small cart with a single wheel at the front and two supporting legs and two handles at the rear, used typically for carrying loads in building-work or gardening.


The WireMaster is a lightweight machine designed to install invisible dog fencing in one easy operation. It digs a trench from 2”-4” deep, installs wire at the bottom of the trench, and covers the trench – all simultaneously, with a minimum of turf disturbance.


A wood chipper is a machine used for reducing wood into smaller wood chips. Very easy to use if you are wanting to get rid of branches!