LP Refill Station

Refill LP tanks up to 100lb

Recertify LP tanks

Stocking New LP tanks (5lb, 20lb, 30lb, 33lb and 40lb)

Special order 100 lbs LP tanks

Sell LP propane fittings

**We don’t fill LP tanks on board motor homes**

**All tanks must be removed from camper**


Middleton Farmers Coop Propane Cylinder Fill Procedures

Our customers safety is our top priority at middleton farmers coop. Our employees are responsible to see that the propane cylinder that is filled is in good condition and that the customer knows the hazards of propane. If for any reason the cylinder is not safe to fill the employee must refuse to fill the cylinder. It is the employees responsibility as a professional to abide by all of the following steps to ensure the safety of the customer and our business.

1. All cylinders will be kept outside the place of business and if left overnight locked in an approved bottle exchange cage.

2. All cylinders will be checked for the following by the employee and documented that these items where checked:

  • Recertification date if over 12 years on original and 5 on recertification the cylinder will need to be recertified before it can be filled or disposed of properly.
  • Cylinder condition
  • Foot ring, dents, gouges
  • Valve, opd
  • Serial number of the cylinder will be recorded
  • Any signs of fire or heat damage
  • Leaks to valves and seems

**Cylinders will not be filled if it does not pass the visual inspection

3. Apply plug or dust cover to valve and make sure the proper safety information/decals are affixed to the cylinder.

4. The cylinder will be secured and standing upright or it will not leave the property. This includes 100 pound cylinders. Only exception would be cylinders designed to lie down (forklift cylinders)

5. The customer shall receive safety information and the employee will get the customers signature that they received the safety information (or a signature indicating they refused it).

6. Inform customer to take the cylinder straight home.

**Management will be notified immediately if any customer is unwilling to comply with any portion of the above policy and or procedure