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FIND THE RIGHT MATCH: THE EQUIPMENT LOOK UP TOOL – “NEW”   CENEX Refined Fuel   CENEX Premium Lubricants   The Middleton Cooperative’s Petroleum Department offers quality Cenex Refined Fuels and Lubricants.   Cenex Refined Fuels

  • Top Tier Certified Gasoline with Stay Clean detergent
  • Premium Ag Diesel Fuel – Ruby Fieldmaster
  • Premium Road Diesel Fuel -Roadmaster XL
  • Home Heating Oil

Cenex Premium Lubricants:

  • Engine Oils -Heavy duty and agricultural diesel engine oils and energy saving automotive and light truck gasoline engine oils.
  • Hydraulic Fluids – Heavy duty, agricultural and industrial applications
  • Gear Lubricants – Heavy duty, agricultural and industrial applications
  • Transmission Fluids – Heavy duty trucks and light duty trucks and cars
  • Non-Detergent – Oils and Natural Gas Engine Oils
  • Recreational Oils – ATVs, boats, and snowmobiles
  • Miscellaneous Oil Products – Concrete Form Oil, 2 cycle, Chain Bar, Vacuum Pump and many others
  • Grease – General all purpose and High Temperature and High-pressure applications including semi-synthetic grease