Landscape Fabric


– The combination of woven and non-woven construction techniques provide unique fibers for blocking sunlight from reaching soil and retarding weed growth.

– Provides advanced water and air permeability, allowing soils to breathe and take on moisture and nutrients from fertilizers.

– Ideal for under paver patios, decks, and walkways, behind retaining walls, and under mulch and rock.

Length:   4′ X 250′   or   5′ X 250′

Fabric Weight:   4.8 oz

Price:   $–.–   or  $–.–


– Rated #1 for stopping weeds by 8 different universities!

– Patented dual-layer material with a 20-year weed-free guarantee.

– This commercial grade landscaping fabric provides superior weed control, maximum water retention, and is easy to install.

– Ideal for home landscape and gardens, under patios and decks, under walkways and paths, and for vegetable and flower gardens.

Length:   4.5′ X 250   or   6′ X 250′

Fabric Weight:   2.2 oz

Price   $–.–   or   $–.–


Inhibits existing weed growth while suppressing
new weed growth.

– Resists tearing and puncture, but can easily
be cut to fit any shape using common household
scissors for installation.

– Ideal for acting as a weed barrier, used for separation between dry and damp soils as well as mulch and soft soils, and lastly as drainage permitting passage of air, fertilizers and liquids.

Length:   3′ X 300′   or   6′ x 300′

Fabric Weight:   3.5 oz

Price:   $–.–   or   $–.–


-UV Treated

– Prevents mulch fom decaying

– Enhances plant growth and stops weeds without chemicals 

– Permeable, allowing the proper balance of air, water and nutrients to reach the soil and the plants roots. 

– Striped every 12 inches to assist you in plant alignment.

Length:   3′ X 24′   or   3′ x 50′   or   3′ X 100′

Fabric Weight:   5 oz

Price:   $–.–   or   $–.–   or   $–.–