Bulk Material

Middleton Farmers Cooperative carries bulk landscaping products for all of your everyday outdoor projects. From mulch to decorative stone and construction base materials, we supply a wide range of materials for anything outdoor. Our knowledgeable sales staff will help estimate the amount of material needed to complete your project.

Mulch: – Sold by the yard; 1 yard does 100 square feet two inches deep

Dyed Brown

Double Shredded Oak

Dyed Red

Playground Chips


Decorative Stone: – Sold by the ton; 1 ton does 80 square feet two inches deep

1-1/2″ Capital Stone

1-1/2″ Mississippi

1-1/2″ Baraboo Natural

Big John

Dark Red Granite

1-1/2″ Baraboo Fractured


Construction Base Material: See chart

3/4″ Gravel

3/4″ Clear

3/8″ Chip

Gravel Screenings

Torpedo Sand

Pea Gravel


Top Soil

Shredded Top Soil



Order Rock, Top Soil and Mulch Online!

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  • Sold by the Yard (One yard covers 100 square feet 2 inches deep) (Max. Load 15 yards)
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  • Sold by the Ton (One ton covers 80 square feet 2 inches deep)
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  • Sold by the Yard - See Chart
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