CENEX Refined Fuel

Gasoline is sold at the Middleton Cooperative at both convenience stores and in bulk from two (2) refined fuels bulk tank wagons.

  • Now available at the Pleasant View Road location are regular, mid-level, and premium grade fuels with 10% ethanol added and non ethanol gas.
  • The University Avenue location has gas with 10% ethanol added and non ethanol gas.
  • Only regular unleaded without ethanol is available from the tank wagons for bulk deliveries.


Premium Ag Diesel Fuel – Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

Ruby Fieldmaster Premium Diesel fuel is available at the Middleton Cooperative from our two bulk tank wagons. See www.cenex.com for more details.

Premium Road Diesel Fuel – Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

Roadmaster Diesel Fuel is available at the Pleasant View Road location or deliverable off either of the Middleton Cooperatives tank wagons. See www.cenex.com for all the details on this premium quality diesel that can save you money in increased miles per gallon proven through field tests.

Home Heating Oil

The Middleton Cooperative delivers heating oil, both #1 and #2 heating oil, for residential heat and water heaters. We also offer a Keepfull or scheduled fill program. Please contact the Petroleum Department for all the details. (831-5921 ext. 112)


K1 Kerosene is available at the Do it Best center on Pleasant View Roads, or available in bulk, delivered with either of the two bulk delivery trucks.
For pick-up Kerosene, please have an approved container for the appropriate product. Kerosene can not be sold in red gasoline cans.


Workers at the feed mill where very friendly and helpful and had us unloaded and on our way asap.

Chrissy Brad Blair


Good location and easy access to lots of pumps. Friendly staff.  

Ben Edgren

Thomas T.

"This is my go-to station for fueling up the car. It's the only place around that I know of that carries non-ethanol gas. It's great for all the toys, but my car loves it too - much better gas mileage. It's worth the extra cost per gallon...

Once in a long while I'll need a coffee or something to eat. The convenience store is plenty nice with lots of offerings. I wouldn't do my grocery shopping here, but it's great for a coffee and breakfast sandwich in the morning."

Middleton Farmers Cooperative Co. 1755 Pleasant View Rd. PO Box 620348 Middleton, WI 53562-0348 Phone: 608-831-5921 OR Email Us!

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