Rolling Paver Compactor

Middleton Coop offers the Rolling Paver Compactor, a versatile tool designed to efficiently work polymeric sand into the joints of paving stones and slabs, ensuring a secure and stable surface. This compactor gently rolls over the material, effectively filling joints from the surface down to the bedding layer. By preventing shifting, cracking, or chipping of the slabs, it enhances the durability and longevity of your paved surfaces.

With Middleton Coop’s Rolling Paver Compactor, you can achieve professional-quality results for your paving projects. The compactor’s features include a weight of 238 lbs., a working width of 17 inches, and a centrifugal force of 1,798 lbs. It operates at a frequency of 100 Hz, ensuring efficient compaction of the material. Powered by a Honda GX 160 engine with 4.9HP, this compactor delivers reliable performance and smooth operation.

Middleton Coop offers flexible rental options for the Rolling Paver Compactor to suit your project needs. With its robust construction and powerful motor, the Rolling Paver Compactor from Middleton Coop is the perfect solution for achieving professional-grade results in your paving projects.

Hourly Rates

2 Hours = $62.50

4 Hours = $93.75

1 Day = $125.00

3 Days = $187.50

1 Week = $375.00



Weight = 238 lbs.

Working Width = 17″

Centrifugal Force = 1,798 Ibs.

Frequency = 100 Hz

Fuel = 4 Cycle (Straight Gas)

Motor Size & Type = Honda GX 160(4.9HP)

Model # = VPR450

Some Helpful Rolling Paver Compactor Videos: