2oz Glass Spray Atomizer Bottles

100% PURE Ovulation Estrus from a “single doe” collected for 24 hours during the PEAK of the heat cycle in the “standing ready to breed phase” right before they are artificially inseminated. The estrogen and pheromone levels are the highest at this exact time. This will drive a buck thats looking for a doe crazy! Some people like to refer to this as the HONEY, because it actually smells sweet!

2oz Glass Spray Atomizer Bottles

100% PURE Buck Urine with Tarsal Secretions. We only collect from 2nd year bucks. We do this during the same time in the season we collect our Estrus, these guys are trying to dig holes to get into the Estrus collection facility. So the hormones are going crazy. This will down right infuriate another buck as he will think the Intruder is corralling his ladies.

4oz Glass Bottles

This is our only blended product. This is sure to get the attention when applied to an active scrape. This covers the full spectrum of why they need to refresh that scrape and keeps them curious.