Stump Grinder

Also known as a Stump Chipper or Stump Remover

A stump grinder is a powerful machine designed to eliminate the remaining stump wood after a tree has been cut down. Its sharp blade teeth efficiently cut through the tough wood, reducing it into small, manageable pieces. Operated manually, the user guides the blade across the entire stump, gradually grinding it down to well below ground level. This manual grinder offers precision and control for smaller-scale projects.

Stump Grinder

Our manual stump grinder is available for rent at competitive rates, starting at $80.00 for a 2-hour rental and scaling up to $480.00 for a full week’s use. With a weight of 300 lbs. and dimensions measuring 58″L x 32″W x 51″H, it’s relatively compact and easy to transport, making it suitable for various job sites. Powered by a robust Honda GX 390 motor, this grinder boasts a cutting capacity of 20″ above ground and 16″ below ground, ensuring thorough stump removal.

Hourly Rates

2 Hours = $80.00

4 Hours = $120.00

1 Day = $160.00

3 Days = $240.00

1 Week = $480.00



Weight = 300 lbs.

Dimensions = 58“L, 32“W, 51“H

Fuel = 4 Cycle (Straight Gas)

Motor Size & Type = Honda GX 390

Model # = 3375-13HC

Cutting Capacity = 20″ Above Ground, 16″ Below Ground

Vermeer Stump Grinder

For more demanding projects, we offer the Vermeer Stump Grinder, designed for remote control operation and heavier tasks. Priced competitively at $137.50 for a 2-hour rental and up to $825.00 for a week-long rental, this grinder delivers exceptional performance and efficiency. With a weight of 1320 lbs. and dimensions measuring 110″L x 50″W x 53″H, it’s larger and more robust, capable of handling larger stumps with ease. Equipped with a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard motor (35HP), this grinder offers a cutting capacity of 24″ above ground and 15″ below ground. Additionally, it comes with a trailer for convenient transportation to and from job sites, providing added versatility and value for your stump grinding needs.

Hourly Rates

2 Hours = $137.50

4 Hours = $206.25

1 Day = $275.00

3 Days = $412.50

1 Week = $825.00



Weight = 1320 lbs.

Dimensions = 110“L, 50“W, 53“H

Fuel = 4-Cycle (Straight Gas)

Motor Size & Type = Briggs & Stratton Vanguard (35HP)

Model # = SC362

Cutting Capacity = 24″ Above Ground, 15″ Below Ground

*Comes with Trailer

Recommended Items to Make Job Easier/Better:

Trailer, Ear Muffs, Safety Glasses

Some Helpful Stump Grinder Videos: