Middleton Farmers Co-op Cenex Convenience Store

1755 Pleasant View Rd.


The Pleasant View Rd. Cenex Convenience Store provides exceptional service and immense lot space to accommodate all vehicles, regardless of size. This location also offers 24-hour fuel availability and accepts all major credit cards, as well as local Cardtrol cards. The types of fuel available at this location include: stay-clean ethanol gasoline, non-ethanol gasoline and Premium Roadmaster XL diesel fuel. Also, look for quality Cenex Lubricant, engine oils and greases for your vehicle.


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(Includes Cappuccinos)
Start off your morning with a fresh muffin, donut, or pastry. We also offer Harvest Ridge coffees and cappuccinos that pair very well with our bakery items.
Stop in for a fresh, ready to enjoy lunch. We offer Hot Stuff Pizza and sandwiches, along with a variety of casseroles and soups. Our signature homemade casseroles and soups are made for you daily, so be sure to check them out on your next visit. A variety of Johnsonville brats are available for purchase as well. Don’t forget about dessert! We now have F’REAL milkshakes and smoothies