Paver Rental Equipment

The following rental equipment will help with all of your paver laying needs.

Brick Saws (also known as masonry saws) are used to cut tiles, bricks, and blocks of stone, concrete, and other materials.


– Norton Brick Saw BBM307

Brick tongs are tools that enable users to single-handedly carry a number of bricks or blocks in one go. The brick tongs act as a clamp when the handle is lifted, causing the jaws of the clamp to close and hold bricks or blocks in place using a cantilever action.


The hand tamper is used for packing loose soil around fence posts, refilling trenches, and compacting soil for paving.

-4″x8″ Hand Tamper

-10″x10″ Hand Tamper

Jumping jack tampers are designed for tough rammer applications in confined areas such as trenches. The high-impact tamping makes this tool ideal for breaking down non-granular materials such as clay.

– Husqvarna Jumping Jack (LT 6005)

The MudMixer®, a concrete, mortar, stucco, or grout mixing machine, is a portable piece of equipment designed to combine dry material and water into the perfect mixture for construction project applications.

The Partner Saw is a two-stroke, air-cooled rotary saw with a water hookup for dust control. This is ideal for cutting masonry, concrete, stone and asphalt products. The maximum cutting depth for this machinery is 5″ and the blade is 14″.


The paver extractor is a tool used to grab a paver and remove it from the laying pattern.


A paver Splitter is used to make clean cuts on pavers, bricks, and concrete blocks.   Also known as Block Cutters or Guillotines.

A plate compactor is used to compress some types of soil and gravel for construction projects that require a stable sub-surface.

– Plate Compactor

– Plate Compactor Pad

A rolling paver compactor rolls gently over the material working the polymeric sand into the joints and ensures it fills the joints fully right down to the bedding layer. This prevents the slabs or paving stones from shifting, cracking or chipping.

The step clamp is a tool used with step blocks. Their purpose is to clamp/hold together pavers.


The vacuum paver lift utilizes suction systems to grab the material, whether pavers, retaining wall blocks, concrete, or granite slabs, to saving you from unnecessary bending and fatigue.