Base Mixes

Base Mixes

Beef Finish 50 Rum VP – 50lbs

Beef Grow/Finish Rum VP – 50lbs

Dry Cow 1000 VP – 50lbs

Bio-Sel Dry Cow 1000 Rum VP – 50lbs

Calc-N-Rich VP – 50lbs

Dairy Heifer Base VP – 50lbs

Dairy Heifer Base Rum VP – 50lbs

Calc-N-Rich with Salt VP – 50lbs

17 Plus Mineral 1:1 VP – 50lbs


Workers at the feed mill where very friendly and helpful and had us unloaded and on our way asap.

Chrissy Brad Blair


Good location and easy access to lots of pumps. Friendly staff.  

Ben Edgren

Thomas T.

"This is my go-to station for fueling up the car. It's the only place around that I know of that carries non-ethanol gas. It's great for all the toys, but my car loves it too - much better gas mileage. It's worth the extra cost per gallon...

Once in a long while I'll need a coffee or something to eat. The convenience store is plenty nice with lots of offerings. I wouldn't do my grocery shopping here, but it's great for a coffee and breakfast sandwich in the morning."

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