Grandpa Rays

3x Blend


High yielding perennial blend of legumes and chicory. Requires 6.0-7.0 soil pH levels and prefers moderate sunlight.

70% Alfalfa
20% Ladino Clover
10% Chicory

Planting Date:Spring-Fall
Seeding Rate: 12-15 lbs. per acre

Four Galore


Annual blend of soybeans and peas. Fast growing and very drought tolerant. Handles a variety of soil conditions including a slightly lower pH than regular soybeans. Provides forage that will regrow after being eaten as well as pod forming soybeans for a late season energy source.


25% Wolf Soybeans
25% Lab Lab
25% Forage Soybeans
25% Cow Peas


This is a non roundup ready blend. Do not use roundup on this blend!


Planting Date: May-June *** Soil temperature needs to be 65 degrees ***
Seeding Rate: 40-50 lbs. per acre




Overseed Blend

Perennial forage designed for frost seeding or over seeding into new or existing plots.


35% Medium Red Clover
25% Ladino Clover
25% Alsike Clover
15% Intermediate Clover


Planting Date: Spring-Fall
Seeding Rate: 8-10 lbs. per acre

Mass Builder


Perennial blend of legumes and chicory for maximum nutrition. Fast growing in a variety of soil types. The addition of alfalfa adds extra tonnage and longevity. May be frost seeded.


20% Ladino Clover
20% Medium Red Clover
20% Alfalfa
20% Berseem Clover
10% Chicory
10% Alsike Clover


Planting Date: Spring-Fall
Seeding Rate: 8-10 lbs. per acre


Bulbs Galore


Annual bulb blend for late season forage and stockpiled winter energy.


34% Purple Top Turnip
33% Forage Radish
33% Rutabaga


Planting Date: August-September
Seeding Rate: 6-8 lbs. per acre



Grains & Greens


Annual grains and brassicas. Provides nutrition, builds soil organic matter and winter energy sources for deer. Tolerates a variety of soil conditions.


30% Oats
25% Spring Triticale
25% Spring Peas
5% Forage Radish
5% Forage Brassica
5% Purple Top Turnips
5% Forage Kale


Planting Date: Spring-Fall
Seeding Rate: 23-27 lbs. per acre



Fall Draw

High nutrition annual forage blend. Multi graze species of clovers and brassicas with winter bulb rutabaga provides full season grazing.


20% Berseem Clover
20% Crimson Clover
15% Forage Radish
15% Rutabaga
10% Forage Brassica
10% Forage Turnip
10% Ethiopian Cabbage


Planting Date: August-September
Seeding Rate: 9-13 lbs. per acre


Frosty Delight


Annual multi graze fast growing, high yielding brassica blend. Includes rutabagas for winter energy source and stays green into late fall and temperature of 10 degrees.


25% Forage Brassica
25% Forage Radish
25% Forage Kale
15% Forage Turnip
10% Rutabaga


Planting Date: Fall
Seeding Rate: 8-10 lbs. per acre



Logging Trails

Perennial blend of longer lasting, more palatable forages than typical loggers blends. Tolerates wheel traffic and extreme shade. May be frost seeded.


20% Medium Red Clover
15% Alsike Clover
15% Meadow Fescue
15% Festulolium
15% Creeping Red Fescue
15% White Dutch Clover
5% Ladino Clover


Planting Date: Spring-Fall
Seeding Rate: 18-22 lbs. per acre

Soil Builder


Annual, ideal for first time food plotters and soil improvement. Fixates nitrogen, adds organic matter and weed suppression. Also provides deer with a highly palatable forage source.


25% Spring Triticale
25% Oats
20% Spring Peas
20% Buckwheat
5% Crimson Clover
5% Berseem Clover


Planting Date: Spring-Fall
Seeding Rate: 50 lbs. per acre

3 Way Annual Clover


Fixates nitrogen and provides high level nutrition. Ideal blend for sod and grass areas. Fast growing, works as a nurse or companion crop with spring perennial plantings. Can be sprayed with grass killer to control weeds.


34% Crimson Clover
33% Balsana Clover
33% Frosty Berseem


Planting Date: Spring-Fall
Seeding Rate: 11-14 lbs. per acre

Inner Sanctum

A forage blend of annuals and perennials designed to handle less than ideal conditions such as shade, low pH, wetter soil.


40% Spring Triticale
15% Balsana Fixation Clover
10% Alsike Clover
10% Frosty Berseem Clover
10% Forage Kale
10% Medium Red Clover
5% Ladino Clover


Planting Date: Spring-Fall
Seeding Rate: 18-22 lbs. per acre

Fortress Blend


Annual forages that provide plot screening and cover, Added grain sorghum and millet provides stand ability and winter food for birds. Soil temp of 65 degrees with no threat of frost.


25% Egyptian Wheat/Screen Sorghum
25% Sorghum Sudan/Forage Sorghum
25% WG Food Sorghum
25% Pearl Millet


Planting Date: May-June *** Soil temperature needs to be 65 degrees ***
Seeding Rate: 13-18 lbs. per acre

Bee Blend

Biannual and perennial clovers that are ideal food and cover for bees and all species of wildlife. Tolerates most soil types.


20% Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover
20% Alsike Clover
20% Ladino Clover
20% Berseem Clover
20% Dutch White Clover


Planting Date: Spring-Fall
Seeding Rate: 8-10 lbs. per acre

Deer and Bird Blend


A great warm season annual blend for both cover and late season energy for all species of birds and deer. Drought tolerant and fast growing. Soil temp of 65 degrees to plant.


20% Sunflower
20% WG Food Sorghum
20% Buckwheat
20% Soybeans
20% Sunn Hemp


Planting Date: June-July *** Soil temperature needs to be 65 degrees ***
Seeding Rate: 22-27 lbs. per acre



Planting dates:

Southern Zone: Sept 15-October 15

Northern Zone: June, August-Sept 15
Seeding rates 6-8 lbs
Planting depth 1/8-1/4
Maturity days: 90-100



4-15-12 Seed Starter


Liquid plant food starter containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, sulfur, boron, zinc, manganese, copper, and cobalt. The trace minerals are chelated with EDTA to aid in ease of absorption and utilization. It is a cost effective, easy to apply product that enhances food plots, gardens, soybean and corn fields, hay and pastures. It increases root development, early season vigor, yield per acre, and much more. also contains humic acid, which helps loosen compacted soil, resulting in more soil oxygen. Can be tank mixed with herbicides, gives immediate response to the plant, helps absorption of nutrients, balances the pH of water to help chemicals work better, works on all plants. For use on: Corn, soybeans, legumes, grasses, grains, lawn and garden and wildlife food plots.


Use 1-2 quarts per acre or 1-3 oz. per gallon of water.


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